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Following the success of Faisal town, Faisal residencies & SEA-Square, now the company is launching an exemplary latest style project Faisal Hills in Islamabad which be undoubtedly a modern residential project with no comparison the housing industry within all over district Rawalpindi & Islamabad. the man behind all this Ch.Abdul Majeed,a well-known name in housing industry and a great visionary with innovated ideas having to people of Pakistan and developing many housing societies .he is known as “A man of this words ” integrity and commitment, all project launched previously were booked within hours . Success is always a relative term and yes, considering the relative sense and looking back at Ch.Abdul Majeed’s career profession he can be termed as a man of accomplishment. Thanks to almighty Allah, the most gracious, compassionate as, some succeed because they destined to, but most succeed they are determined. Ch.Abdul Majeed believes that success demands perseverance, for him the life has been a series of challenges and accomplishments.

We constantly look for profitable investment opportunities for our valued customers

City link real estate is dealing primarily with the traditional dealership business as a property consultant? We constantly look for profitable investment opportunities for our valued customers and keep them updated with current and upcoming projects across the country, especially in the capital Islamabad. On the other hand, we facilitate property deals between buyers and sellers for easy transfer of property and other legal issues. Our Services Practically all services related to the purchase and sale of property can be considered within the scope of our business. Find a list of commonly searched services below. We facilitate the process of selling and buying property through all liabilities and legal obligations and strictly legalize your contract with all procedures after the book.

We consider you provide a transparent transaction procedure and aiming

property including, limited to, homes, apartments, flats, shops, offices, factories, shopping centers, warehouses, agricultural land and residential / commercial plots. Property dealers in Islamabad work together with all major and legitimate housing societies in Islamabad. We work with the highest help in making your dream the way you want it to be. We keep you updated on current market prices, investment trends and upcoming plans. We analyze investment opportunities in the future and help you minimize the risk in your property investment portfolio. .You has hundreds of options for each category and at every major location across Pakistan. In addition, we know that a property is a major decision-making decision; you will always make your life in. And we care about it. Therefore, we consider you provide a transparent transaction procedure and aiming at the market both property buyers and advertisers for the same accessible. This is the reason; Homes Post is gradually becoming the leading online real estate portal in Islamabad to search properties and market.

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