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“City Link Real Estate” and Builder has set land the blasting buss ling property market of Islamabad with development coupled with restrictive structure at its core center, in comparison to its competitor who pursue the moderate and monotonous way of copying. City Link Real Estate and Builder has constantly pressed together greatness through both novel plan and incorporation of universal norms as an essential. City Link Real Estate and Builder territory a stunning expansion for extravagance living in the quick paced Capital of our country. The tremendous excellence of the area combined with the tender loving care, production of open and breathable spaces for our esteemed clients makes these manors a class separated. Islamabad the capital city of Pakistan and this city is best known for its excellent scenes and normal greenery around it. Multi-Professional co-operative housing society is one of the prestige housing social orders in the city that adds new measurements to the magnificence of the city and giving brilliant offices to the individuals of Islamabad. B17 MPCHS Islamabad” which was begun in 2004 and since it doesn’t think back and has delighted in achievement in the land business

Advancement in Recent Years 

“B17 MPCHS Islamabad” has indicated consistent advancement throughout the years and picked up the enthusiasm of the numerous financial specialists and to manage such an extraordinary reaction from the speculator the engineers have chosen to dispatch Multi gardens G block for its clients and gives better offices to its occupants and keep up a high expectation for everyday comforts in the district.

Connecting Locations

Multi nurseries are in the sector B-17 of the lovely city of Islamabad close to the Margalla slopes that gives a rewarding spot to speculators to a financial specialist in the housing scheme. Block G is relied upon to situate close to its antecedents (Block F, E, and others) and lies close to the motorway exchange. Area is a significant key to any housing scheme’s progression and by making a decision about the area of G block it very well may be guaranteed a great deal of accomplishment is coming.

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